13 May 2005

Weekend Wrap-Up

Neighborhood News

Ten things:

1. Full moon: Sieglinde is in line with NYCOF regarding Wednesday’s Met Clemenza.
2. The mother awakens: La Cieca enters the blogdom.
3. A cut above: our own four razors and his dictaphone are one year old.
4. A hole refilled: trrill reactivates, rises beyond operablogqueerdom.
5. Sister in Yankeeland: Why pine for Paulie when we got Tino.
6. Were there others on stage in the Faust?: Sieglinde could only see Bobby; AUV helps out and notices the sopranos.
7. Queen of Pirates reaches next generation: our girl in Kiwiland discovers the soul of the bel canto resurgence.
8. Hey, Mr. Postman: I really meant to send the package to douchebag.
9. May is TAFTO (Take A Friend To Orchestra) Month: take me!
10. Almost always never ten.

UPDATE [10:52am] : Hold it; there are ten after all!
10. The Gheorghius: setting fire on both sides of the Atlantic (but always an ocean between them these days).