24 November 2004

Dallas "Confirms" the 80 lbs.; Debbie will be Macy Float; Debbie does ...

Who is their "Deep Throat"? And can she now float?

Everyone knows to peruse the Dallas-Fort Worth Star-Telegram PEOPLE WATCH column over the morning porridge for the hippest talk on people. From November 20, a tidbit:
Remember Deborah Voigt, the American soprano cut by London's Royal Opera in the spring because she wouldn't fit into a little black dress? Well, she has dropped about 80 pounds and reportedly gave a riveting performance in the Metropolitan Opera's revival of Wagner's Tannhaeuser that opened in the Big Apple on Thursday night. Brava!
OK, I told y'all down there 'n Dallas NOT to quote me on the 80 lbs. Cheap seats, cheap opera glasses, no concept of poundage: I got no credibility.

Now Debbie has to make sure she's really down 80 lbs., or else she may not float in the Macy's Thankgiving Day Parade. Here's another snippet from the Charlotte Observer, my other favorite source of big city girl info:
A senior at Union County's Weddington High School, Kupcow is one of 50 students selected nationwide to march in the color guard alongside a float carrying Metropolitan Opera star Deborah Voigt in the famed parade.