24 September 2005

Guess what I got in the mail

The postcard features a quote from a certain 'ABC,' who says "There is no mistaking it ... Millo is the real thing ... a beguiling mix of the spiritual and the carnal." The carnal?? Those guys at ABC Carpet are so horny.

Meanwhile, Aprile Millo refuses to go Norah Jones on her fans. This Ron Delsener guy must truly be insane. If one can buy tickets to see the actual Norah Jones sing Norah Jones, why in Tosca's name would anyone want to witness an almost-over-the-hill lumpy soprano regurgitate Norah Jones? An Elton John impersonation would be a bit more credible for Aprile at this point in her career, but still, I'd rather see the diva attempt the Dance of the Seven Veils than croon "Can you feel the love tonight." Are there real "crossover" fans out there, an untapped market, waiting patiently for a classical performer to do pop or rap? Oh right ... Broadway queens. (Lame fags.)

When Music Worlds Collide: A 'Crossover' Concert is Canceled