18 March 2007

Hocus Focus

This morning's Meet the Press featured the following exchange:

TIM RUSSERT: The war in Iraq, four years old. Let me show you some numbers. After the first four years, US troops killed: 3,192; US troops wounded: 24,042; the cost is $351 billion, and if you include budget requests, it'd be about $500 billion; and the Iraqi civilian deaths, some 54,000. Congressman DeLay, is the war in Iraq worth the cost in life and treasure?

TOM DELAY: You said it yourself, Tim. It's been four years since America has been attacked by these terrorists. We seem to forget that we are at war ...
OK, second graders. Let's do some math. We were attacked, when? And the current year is, 2007? So, how many years has it been? And for bonus points, tell me again what happened four years ago?