16 October 2007

not really liveblogging the alagna radames

[8:03pm] Somewhere in the south this evening, 1000 miles away from the action. Marge J. hints at the subhistoric context of tonight's Met Aida: Roberto Alagna's first Radames since La Scala.

[8:15pm] "Celeste Aida" just wrapped; the Met, in love, showers Bobby with New York's customary bravos. I don't spend that much time listening to Bobby on the radio-- I'd rather hear him live. And for good reason. He does sounds (mildly) pedestrian over the airwaves. A bit goatish, under some unusual pain. (Still love him tho.)

[8:18pm] Dolora Zajick to the rescue!

[8:45pm] Intermission. Act I a bit underwhelming. Margaret Juntwait joins in the lethargy, and it's time once again to switch the Sirius off. (In the meantime, go Cleveland!)

[9:17pm] OK, I'm still here, but only to hear Zajick dissect "Ah! vieni, amor mio".

[9:21pm] As expected, La Zajick, celestial phenomenon, gives a ravishing set of "Ah! vieni, amor mio"s no one else in history could match. Does the audience realize this?

[9:29pm] The chest on the "FaraONI"! Brava, Dolora. We can all die now.