13 January 2008

Not so high-def after all

From Long Island (via Newsday):

What the crowd got was a superb production of Verdi's first Shakespeare opera. Maria Guleghina was an electrifying, erotic, domineering Lady Macbeth; Lado Ataneli's Macbeth was strong, yet reluctant and troubled. There was no doubt about who ran that power couple.
From Oregon (via the Mail Tribune):
The roles of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are long and difficult. Ataneli brought dramatic depth and a nuanced performance to the baritone role of Macbeth. Guleghina's singing was passionate and powerful throughout, with the singer changing her vocal colors as Lady Macbeth ran through her bloody arc ...

We go backstage at intermission, see stagehands work, catch a quick interview with Guleghina and Ataneli, hear an actor passing in the darkness mutter, "Oh, crap!"...

Noble has recognized, correctly, that there must be real sparks between the Macbeths, the only happily married couple in all Shakespeare, and Guleghina and Ataneli do generate that hot, sick heat.
Bravo, Mr. Ataneli!

[Oh by the way, Željko Lucic sang this Macbeth. I'm blaming idiot Chris Matthews on this one too.]

UPDATE: Newsday made the correction; Mail Tribune is still sticking to Ataneli.