16 April 2007

How many more of these horrible things will happen before Washington moves toward a sensible federal gun control law?

FBI and the ATF believe two handguns were used by the lone gunman at Virginia Tech.

The Second Amendment: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed."

Let's regulate the 'militia'. And not with wimpy, utterly spineless state laws that allow even this:

In Virginia, as in many states, carrying a concealed weapon requires a permit, issued by a local court. But no permit is required to simply wield a gun in the open, a right reinforced by a state law that took effect July 1 (2004).

... a married couple were walking their dogs down Market Street, the busy thoroughfare in the heart of Reston Town Center ... In addition to pistols on their hips, both the man and woman were carrying an extra magazine of ammunition. An officer spoke with them and was informed that they were members of the defense league ... the officer took no further action ...

Virginia law 18.2-287.4 expressly prohibits "carrying loaded firearms in public areas." But the second paragraph of the law defines firearms only as any semiautomatic weapon that holds more than 20 rounds or a shotgun that holds more than seven rounds -- assault rifles, mostly. Regular six-shooters or pistols with nine- or 10-shot magazines are not "firearms" under this Virginia law.