18 April 2007

Re: continuing coverage of Roman opera acid reflux. The Guardian picks up the story:

Opera singing may be a glamorous occupation, but it brings with it some unglamorous hazards.

It has long been obvious that exponents of bel canto have a tendency to obesity. But now, thanks to researchers at the Catholic University in Rome, we know they are also unusually prone to "wet burping".
Exponents of bel canto tend to obesity? I didn't know. Let's check the veracity of the proposition. Bel canto = obese; Netrebko = thin; therefore, Netrebko ≠ bel canto. Check.

Corollary: If/when Netrebko finally gets bel canto, she'll be obese. But she risks losing future Met contracts. Therefore: status quo. Darn.

Now, it's your turn. Try it with Dessay, see what you get.