23 March 2005

Forced Silence

work/travel intervenes

The pain of missing the prima Tosca Monday is immense. My sister was kind enough to fill in for me; read NYCOF's report here. I've been saying all along: the HMS Maria, docked at Lincoln Center, is a circus ship. No one gets hurt, save Scarpia (she knows tae bo), Cavaradossi (during the love duet), and those who take opera too seriously. Comments from others who were there are mostly positive, but just wait till the Saturday broadcast spreads the insanity across the land and globe in two weeks. Our prophetic vanguards of standards and tradition shall come out of their caves to announce, once again, the (re)appearance of the final straw. Requiem aeternam, indeed.

Tonight, a sneaked-in Rosenkavalier; this weekend, decompression, and back to bormal (blog normal).