24 January 2006

Oh Sieglinde your blog accessories are so 05

Sieglinde takes a tiny break from the world, turns around, lifts fake lashes, and finds her curtain call pictures aren't as thrilling as they once were. Alas, the phenomenon of YouTube is finding ways to enliven every aspect of our dear sport. Witness our newest convert, Cambridge/Boston blogger Khaleem, broadcasting a little video of a recent Missa Solemnis all-star-cast curtain call (Christine Brewer, Jill Grove, Ben Heppner, Rene Pape, James Levine); and some moving pictures from the most recent Carnegie Hall appearance of La Fleming, whom Khaleem adores about as much as Sieglinde does. Even my own mother is going beyond sound (via her widely acclaimed podcasts) to the tube frontier: opera edition. (I especially love Birgit Nilsson's fingers in the TV Turandot; but we're really just waiting for Mom to broadcast Colin Farrell's "shot" to videostardom once and for all.) Then, from across our porn-loving land we have Nick at Trrill (which gets my vote for Sexiest Music Blog), bearing an accounting of every note of Arsace's calisthenics, courtesy of freak-of-supernova Ewa Podles. Now all I'm waiting for is a videochat between the Wellsung boys to know we've entered a new age in operablogging. Sieglinde shan't be far behind. (Ideas for her first project: a video of the traditional cursing and spitting by the Millo pole during Renée event intermissions, or else an exposé on the mysterious sounds emanating from the bathrooms on the balcony level. Don't you dare touch that dial.)

P.S. Of course, this is how YouTube will be used mostly, but who's complaining.