17 January 2006


Inspired by The Smoking Gun's success in overthrowing Oprah's favorite bogus memoir, Sieglinde decided a few minutes ago to sniff around pop favorite Anna Netrebko's official biography for "inconsistencies". After a few keystrokes, she finds, in the Deutsche Grammophon website, a mysterious account of Netrebko's first year of life. It's very likely an exaggeration or dramatic embellishment. It reads: "1971: Born in Krasnodar, in the south of Russia; receives her vocal training at the St.Petersburg Conservatory, where she appears as Susanna in Le nozze di Figaro and Violetta in La traviata."

As of this writing, Sieglinde's fact checkers are digging up records in the beaches of St. Petersburg, Florida for official confirmation of alleged performances of infant Anna. (So far, nothing. Meanwhile, weather report: mostly sunny, 72°.)