05 May 2007

Angela Gheorghiu grants an interview to her hometown paper on diverse topics:

On her own exemplary courage: “There’s really nowhere to escape in a solo concert. Really, to make my debut at La Scala with a recital . . . I think it was very courageous.”

On that old fart Zeffirelli: “I have a problem with many opera directors because they often don’t serve the music but just make productions about themselves. Either that, or they listen to me sing and just sit with tears in their eyes and don’t challenge me. I need to have help, and I don’t always get it.”

On her preference for blogs: “To tell you the truth, I don’t read the (print) critics.”

On sex: “I’m totally relaxed. I think it’s like a Zen state, if you like.”

On her husband Roberto Alagna's sex life: “I won’t pay for anyone else’s scandals. Are you kidding? I have enough of my own.”

On her status as her own personal God: “Being spiritual and being religious are the same for me. You must believe in something. If you believe in yourself, that gives you strength, calm, happiness.”

On Anna Netrebko: “Pop music is for the body, but opera is for the soul.” (Don't shoot the messenger!)