12 May 2007

So this morning, at around 9:55am, I camp out in front of my laptop, navigate to the Saturday evening Trittico at the Met site, and begin to hit 'reload' on the browser every few seconds. At 10:00am, the standing room tickets promptly go online. Because of my superior keyboard dexterity, I'm able to snag a front row orchestra standing room ticket (front row!). The website is giving me 15 minutes to complete the transaction (plenty of time!). I think I hit the jackpot. But I think too soon. A couple of pages down the process, at the point where I'm asked to enter my bio-data, I can't get past an error message. Pain starts. While moving back and forth on the browser, I see my 15 minutes dwindle to 9, to 6, to 4 ... to 2, to 1. At 10:15am, seething, I end up with this apology (click to enlarge):

F*, f*, f*, f*.