17 December 2005

Eject Button

[1:30pm] Welcome, Ms. Juntwait ... oh how you love to roll your Rrrrrrrrrrr's.

[2:13pm] The radio confirms everything I've said about Anna Netrebko's lazy, stiff, ill-calibrated vocal architecture. We just heard the least exciting Gilda-Rigoletto duet in decades.

[2:18pm] Villazon's voice is gorgeous.

[2:19pm] Oh look, the Wellsung boys are liveblogging ... maybe Sieglinde should leave this one to the more enthusiastic ...

[2:24pm] Here comes the 'Caro nome' ... Sieglinde's outta here.

[3:27pm] (Sieglinde's back, partially; BTW, did you absof*ckinlutely love the Renée and Joe Show as much as we did? Renée, now that's a Diva.) Meanwhile, Netrebko seems to be always running out of breath. She must have small lungs. Ostensibly, her chest is occupied by other things.

[3:31pm] Someone hand Guelfi a tuning fork. Pronto.

[3:35pm] Terrence McNally (opera quiz panelist): "... unlike this afternoon's opera, where it's all about high notes ... without the high notes, I don't wanna be there ..." So Terrence, whatcha doing there?