02 December 2005


Oh dear. I wonder what kinds of magazines the great maestro's into these days. (OK, Sieglinde's not even going there, boys.)

Meanwhile, in totally unrelated news (totally, I swear to Ghena!), Nathan "Hotdog" Gunn is currently doing the blogcircuit (here, here, here, and here). It's looking like his bare chest will be responsible for at least half the final receipts for the Met's spanking new opera An American Tragedy, when all is said and done ... and taken off and photographed ... and blogged the day after. Unless, of course, our lesbian brethren pull into Lincoln Center (on their nifty dykebikes) in unexpected droves for some of their own version of Gunn. Does Pat show some skin too? We'll know tonight. Stay close to the dial.

For those of you not within the tri-state area but thirst for homopera nonetheless, you can do two things: (1) check blogs and opera lists over the weekend for pics (and maybe even a review or two) of the world prima, and (2) tune in to NPR's World of Opera, which will be broadcasting Houston Grand's recent Falstaff, where, according to closet-police Pat, "about 50% of the cast [was] gay." (Sieglinde guesses the other 50% was lesbian, or some close variant.)