02 May 2006


[03 May 2006, 6:47pm.] On my way to see the Rodelinda prima and Andreas Scholl's Met debut, a glass sphere filled with 2,000 gallons of water and David Blaine, who has plans to be at Lincoln Center all this week. Me too, actually ... Tomorrow, it's the Lohengrin with Klaus Florian Vogt (Lohengrin) and Margaret Jane Wray (Ortrud); Thursday, the Rigoletto with Norah Amsellem (Gilda) and Paolo Gavanelli (Rigoletto); Friday, another Deborah Voigt Tosca; and Saturday, a marathon 8.5-hour double feature: the Rodelinda matinee broadcast and the evening's Lohengrin. (Yeah, who's crazier?)