16 May 2006

Perfectly understandable

Waltraud Meier (whose backside is pictured above), the evening's Kundry (certifiably unhinged), appears at the Met stage door within 15 minutes of her curtain call, signs only a couple of programs, tells everyone else on the freakline "Sorry, next time.", then rushes out to the garage. I'd probably do the same if I had Ralph Fiennes for the night. (I'd maybe even skip the "Dienen, dienen" of Act III and proceed to actually doing some dienen on the Ralph.) Meanwhile, Sieglinde's way behind on things around here. She doesn't know how much she'll get done to catch up this week, as she's planning another one of those David Blaine stunts: the Parsifal tonight and on Thursday, the Millo Tosca tomorrow, Wednesday's Filianoti Elisir, the last Rodelinda on Friday ... and perhaps the Volpexit Saturday? More later.