07 May 2006

Mr. Subtle warns Mr. Bottom Line

[Rodelinda radio broadcast intermission feature: Joseph Volpe in conversation with Robert Marx, Part 2]

ROBERT MARX: "Now, opera has changed quite a bit during your career, as was true in our discussion with Maestro Levine during the first half. What do you see as some of the greatest risks and challenges for opera, not just the Met but opera in general, as the field moves into a new generation. There are so many looming issues, issues of audiences and technology and money. Where is the field going?"

JOSEPH VOLPE: "Utmost is artistic integrity, because of this art form. And if one attempts to change the art form to attract younger audiences or different audiences, I think that will be a big mistake. I think that will be the downside [sic: he means downfall] of opera and in fact could ruin many companies. I think, artistic integrity. And that's key in my mind. Because as we move further and further away from the time that these operas were composed, it's more difficult to really perform them in the way originally intended and we really need to protect that."