22 August 2007

Hooting hooters

I'm probably the last blogger to cite the Times interview with Anna Netrebko, but the Diaries will cease to be the Diaries if I let this one slip:

My voice has doubled in the past few years. It started suddenly to be bigger, because I was using the microphone between my tits!
I love this quote so much that I'm elevating it to my title banner (see above). How refreshingly unselfconscious, how marvelously unpredictable and spicy she is. You just have to read the entire interview (perhaps twice) to believe ... It's not out of the realm of possibility for Sieglinde to adore this kind of Anna. Too bad there's the little matter of the singing that has to get in the way of our complete communion.

(That odd whirring sound you hear is the universe clicking back into place.)