13 August 2007

Nessun dorma

Mr. Giuliani, an avid opera fan, said he would keep arias out of his campaign repertoire.

“I don’t think the crowds are ready for me to pick out who is singing ‘Nessun dorma,’ whether it is Plácido Domingo or Luciano Pavarotti,” he said recently in an interview in Sioux City, Iowa. “But I can do it. It is one of the things I can do.”
How about picking out truth from fiction, can you do that? (Would be amusing to have someone in the White House actually know what an aria is ... but no thanks, really.)

Update: Speaking of arias and the White House, I've recently come across a set of YouTube videos of the great Leontyne Price singing for President Carter and the nation (via PBS) in 1978. By that time, her quirky mannerisms (which I find thoroughly charming) had been fully installed, but the golden sheen could still be discerned. And the pure joy in her singing, truly singular, remained-- this is why I love her and long for her.