23 August 2007

Mass (culture) marketing

Peter Gelb's seven part plan to rescue opera from certain death, as outlined in a business blog article "Making Opera Cool" (filed under "Branding"):

1. Develop informal and audience outreach (get feedback from customers)
2. Increase the number of new productions from 4 to 7 or 8 (increase product offerings)
3. Put a greater emphasis on more performances with the greatest singers (highlighting most popular products and services)
4. Perform contemporary work on a regular basis to expand the repertoire (bring product line up to date and include items that appeal to a younger audience)
5. Produce an annual holiday entertainment for families that does not diminish high results (invite your customers in for a special sale, one day event)
6. Rebuild ties with the art world (reach out to vendors and like-minded businesses for partnerships where possible)
7. Take advantage of modern media technology (what is your Internet Marketing strategy?)

The result? He took a business with a negative sales trend year on year to an increase in audience participation of 7% and subscriptions up 11%. He also had a huge increase in sold out performances.

He is successfully taking a musical art form thought to be for the aged and making it cool, contemporary and desired.

Can you use any of Gelb's seven part plan for your business