01 May 2005

Sunday Leisure Section

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So I was out having a life at the beach during much of the Faust broadcast yesterday. Don't know much Faust, don't have any particular love for the work (yet), don't know why-- but maybe it's time to check it out. I got back home just in time for the last act. Roberto Alagna's voice is the sighing of a handsome youth in anguished love: my chest tightens and my breathing stops whenever it ascends upwards. James Levine may be the antidote to the monotonous Fausts (on records) I've attempted to take in: under his baton, the piece gives a multidimensional and towering impression. So maybe I should be scrambling for tickets to this slowly (but surely) selling out run. That's a worry for another day, however. There's still the rest of the weekend to do.