30 May 2005

I'm on break

(back in a few)

What I'm doing to pass the time:

1. Correct Freni's data: change Nannetta to Alice Ford. Status: Done! (Thank you MLR for noticing.)
2. Look for topless pictures of Peter Hofmann. Status: Still searching. (E-mail me a pic if you have it, please.)
3. Acknowledge those who wrote Sieglinde regarding the Klytamnestra observation: Yes, Scotto has done her, in Baltimore (but not in New York). Status: Acknowledged.
4. Resist the meme temptation. Status: Resisting. (Though ... not ... for ... long ...)
5. Figure out a way to send $25 to a friend in need (Alberto Vilar). Status: Not!
6. Tell TSR about forgiving Rolando Villazon of all mortal sins. Status: Told.
7. Warn Sarah of the dangers of the Böhm 1966 Bayreuth Tristan: why ruin every other Tristan in this universe? Status: Warned.
8. Swim in the Gulf of Mexico. Status: Duh, like every day, dude.
9. Organize a database of all my recorded music. Status: Still dreaming.
10. Hit "Refresh" on parterre box gossip every 15 minutes. Status: every 15 minutes.
11. Forget the Millo Tosca; hunt for copy of demented Tom Cruise Oprah apparition. Status: Looking, and desperate.
12. Drop everything for National Spelling Bee on ESPN. (There are currently 50,800 google hits for N-U-C-U-L-A-R, can you believe?). Status: Screaming.

PHOTO ABOVE (Dorothy Kirsten and her beloveds) courtesy of Sandy Steiglitz's fabulous website of operatic photographs.