08 June 2005

That J.Lo Glow

Diva Case File #2

Which of these statements isn't a bonafide La Diva Renée Fleming utterance?

(a) Sleeping is a talent of mine. For the most part, it takes me less than a minute to fall asleep.
(b) I have my hair cut by Vartan Vartali and coloured by Michael Stinchcomb, who's a fan and travels all round the world looking after me. And twice a year I go clothes-shopping.
(c) I love cookbooks but I don't ever cook.
(d) Living close to Central Park is the best reason for owning a dog.
(e) I adore skin-care products and make-up but I'm very unfaithful. I'm a woman with a short attention span who needs constant stimulation.
(f) Opera singers tend to have a certain body type — it comes with the voice. So I don't eat carbohydrates or sugar. Lunch is salad or soup, my current craze.
(g) I live in a pre-war building with thick walls. So far, the neighbours haven't complained.

Find out the plain truth about diva skincare, food, and domestic life here: A Life in the Day, interview with Sue Fox, The Times.