17 August 2005

50 kgs. > 80 lbs.

According to Asian news sources, the amount of body mass Deborah Voigt has now lost, courtesy of gastric bypass surgery, is 50 kgs. For the metrically challenged, that's 110 lbs., significantly greater than the 80-odd lbs. we estimated a few months ago. The first time New Yorkers see Debbie this season is in the "Debbie and Ben Show" at Avery Fisher in November. Linear extrapolation suggests she may have to give up a limb if she is to fulfill minimum nutritional demands and survive to Dich teure halle us all.

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"Da Debbie and Ben Show" [Voigt]

In related news, it is confirmed: Jane Eaglen is a belcher.

And elsewhere in the food section, a Rhinemaiden becomes violently ill after eating fish for lunch. A freshwater babe should have known better, we all agree. Rituals, rituals, rituals! Sieglinde, for instance, eats only soft fruit (e.g. bananas, but no prunes) before listening to any Scotto tape, eggplants before sitting down with the latest issue of The Advocate, and Cheetos (w/ diet Coke) before previewing any Falcon/Jocks/Mustang flick (Tristan Paris, anyone?).