22 August 2005

Someone tell Sieglinde what a w**ker is

A transsexual bus driver, an ex-lesbian ex-lover, bead strings, flying wigs and broken stiletto heels. Expect these to follow shortly. For now, we got a legitimate Jerry Springer segment on Jerry Springer v. "Jerry Springer." Jerry Springer (the person) is now pulling support from "Jerry Springer" (the opera), saying he believed its contents to be blasphemous. More bad news to Stewart Lee and Richard Thomas, creators of the work, after the Arts Council refused to provide financial support for a planned tour. News reports attribute Springer's 180-degree shift to intense pressure from Christian fundamentalists.

Any of this making sense to you? (If yes, call doctor to decrease dosage of percocet). Anyway, Sieglinde was told by a report from contactmusic.com that Lee and Thomas called Springer a "two-faced w**ker." Wtf is a w**ker? Worker? Wicker? Wacker? Walker? All sounds like Cosí fan tutte to Sieglinde's still-virgin ears.

Springer opera writers hit back at chat show host [contactmusic.com]
Springer opera tour under threat [BBC]