18 August 2005

High Blogging

Was it the Sudafed finally kicking in, the whiff of "smoke" on your way to work that morning, or something else? Let's ask Abhirup Roy, of etalkinghead (an online "news" magazine), who shows us why we can't give up on Wolf Blitzer and cable news just yet.

"Wagner: the quintessential embodiment of Germanic nationalism. Britney Spears: the quintessential embodiment of consumer pop allure. A marriage. A house on a hill. Kiddies. Inconceivable? Well, yes, as such a marriage must literally be a match made in heaven. But heaven is exactly where both personas reside; Oscillating up in the skies, with a sway on the destinies of men and the ebbs and tides of emotions."

What if Richard Wagner and Britney Spears had a baby? [etalkinghead]

(Someone tell Sieglinde what the f* it's all about.)