19 August 2005

Goetterdaemmerung: Baseball Edition

Sieglinde's not all opera all the time. She's crazy 'bout baseball too. This weekend, Sieglinde predicts the Yankees will sweep the White Sox in Chicago, and take sole possession of ... the wild card. Now Sieglinde's depressed.

Hey MLR, sister in blog and balls, what shall we do if we don't win the division? Sieglinde takes comfort in the fact that the three most recent World Series champs came from the wild card position (Red Sox, Marlins, Angels). Also in the fact that the Yankees aren't the Mets.

Yanks or Joe, one must go [Lupica, NY Daily News]
Yankees still can't find their way [Chass, NYT]

UPDATE [8/20]: Yanks won Friday and Saturday games. Now we need Oakland to do their part and lose to ... uhm ... the Kansas City Royals ... who ... uhm ... have the lowest winning percentage in all of baseball and ... uhm ... have lost their last 19 games. "Hope springs eternal," indeed? Or, would "there's no crying in baseball" be more appropriate at this juncture?

UPDATE 2 [8/21]: Last night, Kansas City popped the champagne and broke their 19-game losing streak. Do you believe? So, with the loss, the Oakland A's reduce their wildcard lead over the Yankees to just 1/2 game. This means that in order for New York to take sole possession of the wildcard lead, they have to win today's game ... and ... at the same time, have Kansas City ... uhm ... extend their winning streak to 2. To put in more accessible terms, the bliss would be akin to-- the diva hitting the high D-flat fabulously, your minidisc is recording, and no one else's is.

UPDATE 3 [8/21, evening]. Kansas won in extra innings (half a miracle), but it's all irrelevant, since the Big Unit once again imploded and sank the Yankees today (the other half of the miracle, missing in action). Oh well. (Believe me, minidisc recording is just as tough.)