12 February 2007

I thought it's what you do with it ...

La Cieca, size queen (not opera queen)

Meanwhile, she reports that is likely to be OONY's last season. Troubling news. Though I haven't been as faithful as I once was, I've always looked forward to the possibility of being at a once-in-a-lifetime evening, and OONY delivered quite a few times: among them, Marcello Giordani's "Asile hereditaire" encore during William Tell, the golden age spitting contest between Aprile Millo and Dolora Zajick in Adriana Lecouvreur, Renee Fleming's dulce de leche drool in Armida and Lucrezia Borgia, and getting Shirley Verrett's autograph on my program just before she exited the Carnegie stage door after a so-so La Favorita.

But back to topic A. The "size" ad pictured above, for gay.com, appears occasionally on parterre.com. I haven't seriously entertained adding ads on this blog. But perhaps it would help pay for a box seat every now and then? I don't know how much money is generated by those ads, but I do know that many of them don't generate $$$ till they get clicked on, and really, when was the last time you did ... So I suggest that everyone follow my little personal netpolicy, and click on ads in blogs and pages you like. Meanwhile, the Diaries will remain ad-free.

Update: It seems reports have been greatly exaggerated. OONY sleepwalks to another season, with a La Sonnambula. (Suggestion to the powers that be: put more established stars in the roster, or if that's too expensive, how about semi-retired divas. For instance, an Elektra with Sharon Sweet in the title role, Catherine Malfitano as Chrysothemis, and Renata Scotto as Klytamnestra. That would sell a few more tickets, I think.)