27 February 2007

Keeping up with the Gelbs

a.k.a. Thrilla in Lincoln Plaza.

Gelb responds: "Am I scared of Gerard? I'm not scared of Gerard ...''

Volpe (remember him?) likes the match-up: "He's innovative. I think he'll bring a lot of excitement to City Opera ..."

The New York Times calls it what it is (in an editorial, no less): "... a head-to-head competition between two vigorous personalities."

Round One bell? In two short years (via NYSun): "Because the singers at the Met are booked much further in advance than those at the City Opera, Gelb and Mortier will each present the first season he has fully designed in 2009-2010. 'That both leaders will begin to demonstrate their artistic visions in the same season is going to be tremendously exciting ...'"