15 February 2007

Stay the course, or cut and run?

I have a ticket to tonight's I Puritani, bought back when Olga Makarina was listed as Elvira. Elizabeth Futral is exciting, but perhaps not the kind of antidote I need right now. Makarina would have put the bel back into this bel canto masterpiece, for sure. Futral may just clear out old ear wax, which has its merits; but perhaps more? Meanwhile, I have a ton of work that's not getting done when I'm at the old box, but when is that ever going to change. Yawn. My ticket's been paid for, so perhaps I should just stick to the plan? On the other hand, the mere thought of hearing Gregory Kunde again may finally tip the scale.

[5:23pm] Still anguished. La Cieca provides a third, combined option.