24 September 2007

First day of the season

A balmy 77 degrees Fahrenheit. I'm heading to Lincoln Center in half an hour. By subway. In jeans (most likely). And t-shirt. With my shiny new digital camera. Various reports (among them: La Cieca & Co., OperaChic, SarahB) over the weekend seem less divided than I expected. Kudos to Mary Zimmerman for adding to Lucia without totally f*ing it up. I suspect that a few things have been reworked since (e.g. the photo-sextet, the comic marriage contract signing), so it should be better this time-- we shall see. (Though things may be murkier backstage??)

But I'm off ... see you tonight (late).

UPDATE: Those who don't know who to sleep with to get prima tix should go participate in La Cieca's boisterous (and at times erotic) opening night chat.