14 September 2007

My last post about politics, I swear, because it's 10 days before prima and I gotta shift all attention to couture

Everyone's stumbling over one other to position themselves with respect to the now historic MoveOn.org ad: the Republicans calling for beheadings, the Democrats shitting in their pantsuits. But if they take the time to read the text of the ad, and the supporting documents organized by MoveOn, they'd soon realize that it's less a personal attack on the "integrity" of the General, and more a challenge to the "facts" that this administration is (mis)using as evidence. If anything, the "General Betray Us" is the only slip, but people, there is a war, and we ought to care less about imaginary insults to the "ass-kissing little chickenshit", and focus more on the mortal casualties that will result from more and more lies.

Now, what to wear, what to wear!