24 July 2008


I got a number of e-mails (ok, two e-mails) last night in reaction to my fuck-the-media rant, inquiring whether I heart McCain or if I'm a charter member of PUMA (cute cat turned bad acronym). I responded with a single line of "Hello??". Let me be clear: the editorial board, staff, and crew of Sieglinde's Diaries & Spa, Inc. are all unanimous in their support for Obama, who will doubtless enjoy a landslide win in November. (For instance, Germany, with its gazillion electoral votes, will most certainly go blue this year, as will the rest of the world and much of the universe.) What we would like to happen, however, is a massive Obama win on the issues, so that he'll have a decisive mandate to blow up Washington and reestablish it elsewhere, perhaps in the Haight or in the West Village. Not a win midwifed by the juvenile media having goo goo eyes for him. Please, we don't want to see that happen again.