23 July 2008

Fuck the media (sorry, but that's the only way to put it)

No one should really pay serious attention to Mark Halperin, that pretend journalist who's such an insider of Washington he ought to be known as Washington's bloated prostate. However, sometimes he says something really revealing.

For instance, in a blog entry of a list of the ways John McCain could win in November, he inserts the fourth estate's dick where it don't belong:

What McCain needs to win:
Stuff he can’t control:

–For Obama to make a substantive mistake on his overseas trip that changes the vector direction of the coverage ...

[blah blah blah blah blah, and then]

–For the media to start treating him with respect (again).
–For the media to start treating him with affection (again).
Say what? McCain could win if the media start treating him with respect and affection again? Seriously WTF, right? So-called "journalists" giddy to be holding crucial power in electing presidents, fuck be ethics and facts and objectivity and all the stuff journalists are supposed to uphold? The rot is so deep, I'm not detecting even a shred of shame in such a confession. Self-important pricks obsessed with their self-important pricks. No wonder Washington is fucked up.

Excuse me while I puke all over my cable box.