15 July 2008

Who needs real food, when you have JC in your life

Jeez, not Jesus Christ. Jose "wide thighs" Cura. Let me call your attention to a Norweigan blogger and certified JC stalker who has a riveting post about fastfood meat before a JC opera in Torino.

The opera starts at 2000 so I had some time. But I thought I could collect my ticket early. But I could have waited till 1 hour before the opera starts to collect it. So I wasted some time at that. I was hungry and saw many opportunities to eat but somehow went past them. But then I went to Teatro Regio di Torino at 1900 and collected my ticket, met a lot of JCx members, and went to the McDonalds close by to eat. I chose McChicken and Cola Zero. Not a good choice it was a very dry burger but I could drink. Then I went back to the theatre.

The opera EDGAR by Giacomo Puccini was a much longer opera then I had thought ...
Someone please e-mail the girl and tell her that her burger was dry because it was chicken. Anyway, mine's the Burger King behind the Met on Amsterdam Avenue. I remember having a double whopper right before a Butterfly with Diana Soviero. Those were genuinely happy days.

(Oh, in case you're curious, JCx is indeed a cult.)