23 July 2008

A feel good story about a plump soprano shedding massive fat that's not named Deborah Voigt

Here's a Texas soprano who's doing it the normal way, by limiting the amount and increasing the quality of food she feeds her mouth. Read about her daily struggles on her blog.(P.S. If you're feeling that you're the only person on Earth without a blog, you're right.) Here's a typical excerpt:

But alas! The very next morning I was faced with the Breakfast Buffet of Doom. Piles of pastry, omelettes to order, pancakes and potatoes … all those evil, evil things. I ordered an omelette with lots of veggies, got some fresh fruit, and then --- I confess it --- managed to pass up the doughnuts but ate a cranberry muffin roughly the size of my head. Again, a lot of food. I excused myself because I knew lunch, such as it might be, would be back at the airport and certainly not before 2 p.m. I couldn’t face the airport food, so I snagged a piece of whole wheat bread and an apple, and made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich from the breakfast bar to take with me. And indeed, this along with a protein bar and some nuts was my late lunch.

P.S. Don't forget to view the dramatic pictures of her shrinking body.