01 December 2004

December Agenda

While it's raining winter out my gray window

The Renee Rodelindas (a few times, are you kidding me?).

Maybe another Angela M. Brown Aida (tonight!) just because; and also for Marianne Cornetti's Amneris, which I first heard on the same venue a few years ago, and which blew me away. Cornetti sang with Michele Crider, who I think is grossly underappreciated. But she can float, she can forte, she can chest (a bit), she can certainly Aida better than Fantini and Cedolins.

Another Tannhaeuser or two. The Voigt/De Young/Seiffert/Hampson quartet is historic, and the coming broadcast will remain among the most cherished of the recent MET Wagners, I guarantee.

ALL the Mattila Kat'a Kabanovas. OK, not all, but more than a few.

A Miricioiu and a last Radvanovsky Vespri. Nelly got panned by the blogosphere, but we don't get many chances to hear her, so whatever, if I had money to burn for Fantini, I most certainly have enough change collecting somewhere for La Ioioioioiu. Also, I'm interested to hear a fully rested Sondra, for contrast.

Maybe a Barbiere di Siviglia? NOT.

OK, here's an interesting box-office development: as of this minute (9:40 am, December 1), the December 8 Fantini Aida (*yawn*) is (1) outselling the next evening's Tannhaeuser; (2) matching the 4th evening of Rodelinda and beating the next weekday evening; and (3) blowing away every single Mattila Kat'a, including the prima and the Christmas broadcast. Anyone with a plausible explanation, please e-mail me.

Still raining outside, and the wind is picking up.