07 December 2004

What's for dinner?

Still deciding whether to Vespri tonight or doze off into sitcom cable rerun heaven

The other "Other First Lady". Meanwhile, at the Kennedy Center Honors Sunday (note to TiVo: CBS Dec. 21), Leontyne Price claims that Dame Joan Sutherland's voice "started in a place I affectionately call nosebleed country" [LAT]. Here's Dame Joan bowing to King George II and Queen Laura:

Pinch hitter is MVP. Afraid of giving Norma Fantini the title of box office queen, the Met quietly inserted Angela M. Brown into the last Aida of the Met's season on Wednesday. However, it was revealed to me that Fantini ain't the real cause of the "SOLD OUT" tape, shown here:

Look closely, and you'll see that the billboard announces the long-awaited debut of Mark Rucker as Aida's daddy, a seasoned African-American baritone who has sung across the plaza (as early as 1988 at NYCO) and around the world. Still, the question remains: where is Norma?

I gotta catch up on sleep, but Sondra calls.