14 December 2004

Reneeeeee and Bahbah Wawa

Our Diva graces The View

"Ooooh, watch out. I'm glamma mamma."

"Yes, I wrote the book myself. No Midgette ghost-writing or anything. But don't you like my earrings?"

"Yes, that's right, Ms. Walters. During my wild teenage years, my Rochester friends and I got drunk one Oscar night and woke up the next morning with 'ABC's tattooed on our asses."

"Don't you guys know, divas don't sit on stools. I f*ing hate you, Barbara."

"Uhm, OK, TV adds about 10 lbs.. But f*, sitting with these carb-hating pencil-thin Barbara and Meredith adds another 10 lbs. Where are the other bitches Star and Joy??"

"Aaaaaa-ve Mariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-aaaaaah."

"This is how you sing with your Inner Voice."

"Ah, great. 100 free books for your illiterate daytime audience is 100 books I won't get royalties for and 100 books on nickel-eBay tomorrow."