04 December 2004

The Eyes Have It

At the Met stage door after her second Vespri

A dear friend sent me these pics of Nelly Miricioiu's body parts. Remnants of the stage eye shadow glitter remain:

Her eyes are strangely Vaness-ian. And then, there are the french-tip nails:

My friend reports that during the meet-and-greet, Nelly was absolutely radiant, excessively generous and open even to the scariest of the stage door flock; she clarified, once and for all, that the "c" in Miricioiu is pronounced like the English "ch" [or the Italian "c(i)"], but she's used to so many other variants (of the c's, the io's, and iu's), so she doesn't care, really; hopes to sing more in North America, but was shaking her head to indicate how difficult it's been to arrange (including this set of Vespri's); took the time to sign photographs, CD booklets, programs, whatever else shoved to her face, and agreed to every request for pictures; seems like a thoroughly delightful lady, with just the suitable amounts of fag and diva to please any boy's heart.