02 December 2004

Tonight, Amneris seems to have won the catfight

And tomorrow, a recount if demanded

Just got back from the Cornetti/Brown extravaganza. Cliffnotes review: Brown cleaned up a bit, but now all her shortcomings (and there are major question marks here) are ever more apparent (i.e., "I can see clearly now, the rain has gone"); meanwhile, Queen of the Nile Cornetti did a Zajick and threatened to outlast her rival: she managed to turn the audience to her corner momentarily during her Act IV masterclass; speaking of the audience, tonight was a house full of Brown would-be admirers, thanks in part to the front page NYT promo: I'm betting many of them came away abuzz with Cornetti talk; lastly, in the spirit of the holidays, I'm upgrading Farina from poor to tolerable (and at times even serviceable). So there.

Brown is on her way to stardom: I spotted a camera crew in the right grand tier box closest to the stage. They were videotaping snippets of Brown's scenes and all of her curtain calls. Looks like a 60 Minutes segment I bet in the same vein as the NYT front page; following that, a near-certain series of engagements here and elsewhere. Hard to say at present if she's truly deserving of all the fuss and buzz. We shall see.