09 November 2005

Fishing Hook

Sieglinde, overbooked with two Met Lucias, the Roméo prima, the Millo Zaza and the Debbie and Ben Show tonight (all in a span of 8 days), was on the fence regarding the OONY Guillaume Tell this weekend. That is, until my mother and my sister started going on, not about the Mathilde, Arnold, or Tell (Blasi, Giordani, and Chingari respectively), but regarding the Fisherman, one 24 year old tenor named Stephen Costello. Rather than recycle the two measly (but nonetheless hot) photos on his manager's site (he ought to have more!), I'm including, below, the world premiere of another:

Granted, not a naked pic (as Mama Cieca fantasizes), but Sieglinde thinks it suits the present purpose. Voce o senza voce, young Stephen has many other career choices, reading simply from the radiant confidence he exudes in handling the pole (in the pic above, silly), though Sieglinde hears that Stephen's mouth is more than pretty smiles and luscious kisses: for instance, sample the audio aspect of his mouth here. OK, Sieglinde thinks it best to end this post right here; she's now rushing to the Carnegie Hall box office. (Meanwhile, La Voigt is calling me. Full report tomorrow.)