01 November 2005

Lucia in Text

Text messages I got last night.

[7:36pm] Lucia tonight baby
[8:52pm] Futral is Insane Filianoti is Insane Dey all Insane
[9:59pm] Der Akt 2 Confrontazione is High Gothique Demented
[10:04pm] Mad Scena time Der Kadenza wil b Weird
[11:28pm] Filianoti greater than Florez
[11:42pm] Filianoti is hawt hawt hawt Sexay
[11:48pm] Lois misd da Tenor

TRANSLATION: Reporting from the Lucia at the Met last night; leads Elizabeth Futral and Giuseppe Filianoti are on fire; Filianoti is the next Juan Diego Florez; Filianoti is attractive in person; Lois Kirschenbaum, hound of the Met stage door, who gets everyone's autograph every single performance, somehow manages to miss Filianoti.

SIEGLINDE UPDATE: In transit today.