08 November 2005

Lucia in Pictures

Ominous. Prior to the Met Lucia, the plaza fountain is the color of pee.

Legend. Futral: loudest, most thrilling top notes outside a Wagner opera. Filianoti: pure as milk, his legato has legato. The evening: most vivid Lucia in all memory (this from oldtimers).

Golden. Filianoti, charming, is shy to speak in English; his collegiate looks and soft manner a winner.

Ambush. La Futral is asked to sign 26 programs, 3 newspaper clippings, a save-the-whales petition, a lease agreement, and various candy wrappers. Lois K. tells the diva: "You complete me."

Home. Sieglinde reenacts Mad Scene in subway; she ain't the weirdest case in the car.