05 November 2005

Saturday Morning Housekeeping

CHORUS. First off, let's welcome a three sparkling additions to the blogdrool. Foremost, the music critic of Time Out New York, Steve Smith, offers us indepth and personal analysis of the city's musical events and operas in his new blog (more than his publication will allow on print), subtitled "Conspicuous consumption of music, live and otherwise, in New York City." (We like all types of consumption here, music and otherwise.) Then, there's your operatic dynamic-duo-next-door, Alex and Jonathan, vigorously chatting about opera here, with a blogspot address of "wellsung." Are they aware that Sieglinde and Siegmund are the original "wellsung" duo ... or "Wälsung" for folks in Germany. (Lame, I know; but it's Saturday morning, and my orange hasn't been squeezed yet today.) Finally, another opera blog amusingly called "Fisher-Price, My First Opera Blog," curated by Maury D'annato, which should provide a nice counterpoint to the blogorrhea of opera queens like ... uhm, Sieglinde.

COSÌ THRILLS. Was there last night; same Jimmy; same ether; same magic.

OPRAH AND OPERA. Renée on Oprah: "Beverly Sills was so famous that she stood in for Johnny Carson for a week. But today there's no opera on Oprah -- she doesn't like it. There's no doubt it's lost a lot of its status." In other news, Google was kind enough to help illiterate Oprah fans who google "opera" when they really meant "Oprah." They do acknowledge that the reverse doesn't happen often.

INBOX. I'm moving away from AOL e-mail, and toward the more elegant Gmail. Here's Sieglinde's new internet hole.