31 October 2005

November Agenda

1. Early this morning, contemplate claiming scalito.blogspot.com. Shortly thereafter, Sieglinde wakes up and jabs me in the side.
2. Sieglinde searches for clean underwear, gargles some listerine, toasts some toast, and promptly takes over.
3. "F* this red state sh*t, let's go back to New York."
4. This week, a Così or two (for my seasonal Jimmy L. vaccine against a dull strain of Jimmy C.), and a Lucia.
5. Investigate opera credentials of SCOTUS nominee Samuel Alito. Early indications are positive: (a) Italian-American, (b) hails from Jersey, (c) Yale Law School, (d) operaqueen-Scalia clone. Will have to check with Lois Kirschenbaum's attendance logs for list of operas attended at the Met. (Soon as the face is made, Sieglinde's on the case.)
6. Ask NewYorkCityOperaFanatic if her title means she's really just a Fanatic of the New York City Opera; and if so, tell Met ushers to wheel her across Lincoln Center plaza to the New York State Theater every time she shows up at the Met lobby. (Same applies to anyone claiming to be Hedda Hopper.)
7. An Aida with Papian/Naef (for the sake of completeness: sad reason, no?), the spanking new Roméo et Juliette (at least twice), a Carmen (NOT!).