16 October 2005

Daphne in Pictures

[7:32pm, 15 October 2005] Hectic scene outside Carnegie Hall. Folks rejected by Daphne-nympho scramble to get ticket to big diva event.

[7:50pm] After some spitting (from both sides), negotiations succeed. Pay undisclosed amount, enter great hall of music, take seat. Ask seatmate (twice) what they're singing tonight, who're singing, who's Daphne Strauss.

[8:15pm] Renée Fleming enters, looking like a million Euros. Sings exactly like the CD. Exactly. (I really mean exactly.)

[9:40pm] "Ich komme ... ich komme ..." (Devoted Diaries readers giggle privately; craigslist couple look at one another longingly.)

[9:52pm] Renée takes humble bows during curtain call. Gown and hair take separate (and well-deserved) bows.

[10:03pm] Rush to 56th Street stage door. Dean Lois Kirschenbaum takes attendance. Brainstorm with fellow patients for words other than "great" to describe mystifying work called Daphne. (Someone asks why they can't program La Gioconda instead. Everyone nods quietly in agreement.)

[10:47pm] The diva approacheth. Disposable camera records the diva approacheth.

[10:52pm] Ask diva to autograph newspaper clippings from 1996 and '98. Say things like "Oh that was great," "Oh your hair looks great," and "Oh wow Ms. Renée you were great."

[11:02pm] Enter Seventh Heaven. Smile briefly. (Compare quality of autographs with others.)

[11:04pm] Check watch, realize there's still time!! Make quick taxi arrangements to Lincoln Center. Met Falstaff just ended ... must ... get ... Bryn's ... autograph ...