21 October 2005

Opera Partners

Supreme Court nominee Harriet Miers loves the opera (as much as tennis and running, we're told). Sometimes she goes with 'Condi and the other single girls'. Other times with someone else. Who, you ask. Well, it's none other than Texas Supreme Court Justice Nathan Hecht.

With pistol in hand, badge on the bosom, and 'cuffs just in case, Sieglinde's on the case about the nature of this opera partnership. Google-investigation reveals the following clues:

1. Hecht and Miers "have been friends for decades; they go to the opera together and often have dinner with each other." (Opera. Check.)

2. Hecht says he has "dated" Miers "off and on" for decades. (Decades? Can't get beyond second base, probably.)
3. Hecht attended Yale University and finished with a B.A. in philosophy. (Yale. Check. Philosophy. Check.)
4. Like Miers, Hecht has never been married either. Meanwhile, he likes to play the organ at church. (Oh *really*, we're shocked.)
5. Hecht critical of Miers's cooking: "'She's a terrible cook,' he said with a laugh." (*snap snap*)
6. As plausible as Iraq's WMD: "(Hecht and Miers's) relationship has been such a special one. Sometimes I think they wanted to protect how special it was by not getting married." (Terribly special, we're sure. G'ahead, protect it from shit like sacred vows.)

'Nuf said. Too easy. Case closed. NEXT!

(Picture by Andy Hanson of the Dallas Morning News)