09 October 2005

Sunday Funnies

1. Parody gone awry. Harriet Miers's blog.
2. Adventures in spotlight. More info about French porn star Hervé-Pierre Gustave who recently outshined Venus: turns out he has an official website. In the midst of searching for naked pics of his, be sure to take a break and read his extraordinary bio. Weird, but 1997 wasn't a good year for Sieglinde either (i.e., to be alive and not know the pleasures of Les Troyens? Worse than using the wrong skincare cream, I don't care.)
3. Charity work. Sieglinde's favorite stepsister and basement shut-in NYCOF has been on a tear lately, posting every half-hour. (Did she just break up with her current beau ... or did her face just break out again from all that Chinese? Probably both.) Be generous: read her. In particular, savour her "In A Nutshell" series (her latest: Turandot, Salome, Ariadne).
4. Annals of love, Craigslist edition. Most recent entry: married guy looking for "handsome, sexy, intelligent." Sieglinde says take a number and wait your turn, bitch.
5. Annals of there's-always-next-year, Boston edition. Oh, the trials and tribs of the Red Sock fan. Yankee fans may join them in losers' lounge after tonight's game, but at least we didn't get swept. Go Yankees!
6. Critic of music and noise. Alex has sharp ears.